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Waitaki District Past and Present

Oamaru and the Waitaki District have an interesting past. From archaeological treasures and ancient history to the settlement of Europeans and Victorian Heritage, the district is steeped in history.

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A short history of Oamaru:

European settlement began in 1853 in Oamaru. The Harbour, during the late 19th Century, was vital for Oamaru and its farming hinterland. Grain and wool were housed in often-ornate warehouses built and carved from locally quarried Oamaru limestone. As the rural economy boomed, the Harbour area became a hub for prosperous businesses, banks, hotels and new industries. Today, many of the majestic Oamaru Whitestone buildings comprising the Harbour/Tyne Historic Precinct still stand. They are now home to a collection of curio shops, restaurants, gift stores, a Motoring Museum, a hotel, a fascinating book store, traditional craftsmen, the Oamaru Steam Train and Sunday markets.

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