Vanished World Centre & Trail

The Centre has interpretive displays including unique world-class fossils - whales, dolphins, penguins, sharks and many shellfish while the trail introduces some key geological localities in North Otago.


Together, the Centre and Trail will give you a feeling of "deep time," so that you can better understand the origins of our land and its living creatures. Both the Centre and Trail receive valuable support from Friends of Vanished World.

As you travel along the Vanished World Trail, you will often see spectacular limestone outcrops. As you look at the limestone, consider that it started out as yellow-white sand, made mainly of fossil fragments, that washed about on the sea floor, 100 m below the sea surface some 24-26 million years ago.

The limestones of the Waitaki region have "captured" the inhabitants of the ancient sea - many shellfish, sharks, large fish, penguins, whales and dolphins - and it is these that we now bring to you.

Physical Address

5 KRD Duntroon

North Otago
New Zealand